A fresh start

I’ve found blogging to be no fun at all when there’s tons of spam to weed through. It’s all gone now and I’ve gotten, what I hope to be good advice, on keeping it manageable. I’m truly sorry if the process deleted any comments that were not spam but it had to be done to save my sanity.

There’s tons of news and new yarn to tell you about. We’re just finishing up a lovely end of summer vacation so I’ll be back shortly with all the details. Until then please enjoy this sweet picture of Georgia. All the best,   Jen

Poncho progress

Just a quick update, lambing season is over and the poncho is almost done! We have 14 beautiful new lambs-more on that soon, and this poncho has saved my life. It’s easy and mindless (always a big stress buster) and has given me something to do while waiting for lambs. I’ll be honest though, I probably wouldn’t have finished if it wasn’t for my friend Stephanie. The day I started swatching for the poncho she came over to hang out for an afternoon of knitting by the fire while our boys played. Stephanie decided right away she was going to make the same pattern, and settled on the same yarn too. I haven’t had a friend with the same article of clothing in years….we’re going to look adorable! After about 4 inches in we both decided this pattern was way too boring not to have a race to the finish….looser buys the winner a pedicure. Yippee!  Stephanie and I got together at a local park on Sunday, it was a gorgeous, sunny, perfect for knitting outdoors, kind of day .  We relaxed in beach chairs and worked on our ponchos while our boys rode bikes. I’m about 10 inches from the finish, I fear that Stephanie is beating me by a couple of inches, but it’s not over yet. We folded Steph’s in half on Sunday and tried it on her. We love, love, love the weight of the fabric and the drape this yarn has made. It’s going to be perfect!

I’m off for now to finish skirting our remaining fleeces so I can deliver them to the mill tomorrow.  I’ll be dreaming of the new yarn until the mill works their magic and we get it back. Wishing you all a happy spring!  Jen


Lambing season poncho

Often a simple knitting project is exactly what I need, and all I can handle, during lambing season it’s a necessity. Waiting for lambs often mean interrupted sleep and long days. My mind is never at it’s best when I’m sleep deprived…..who’s is? Recently I was working on what I thought was a simple vest only to find out I couldn’t manage the collar without making mistakes that I’d wouldn’t normally have made with enough sleep. After ripping out the collar 4 times I decided I needed a ridiculously simple pattern. I figured nothing could be less taxing on my tired mind than a poncho made from a giant stockinet stitch rectangle, so I chose this pattern from Churchmouse Yarns & teas.  Nobody does beautifully simple like Churchmouse, I’m a big fan. I picked the natural soft gray of our Bluefaced Leicester/Romney yarn and got started on a swatch. I love knitting with this yarn, it’s going to be the perfect weight for a spring poncho.

Stay tuned for poncho progress and a lamb report. Happy knitting!  Jen


Heritage Festival!

To celebrate our family farm’s 225th anniversary we’re having a Heritage Festival at Hopkins Vineyard. Follow the link for details. Hope to see you there!

Beautiful Bluefaced Leicesters!

The Sachem Farm has a long history of raising livestock as well as crops. There is some mention in family papers of sheep being here, but sadly no pictures. I’d be very interested to know what sheep breeds our ancestors raised, likely it would have been a meat or dual purpose breed. I doubt it was the beautiful BFL. When deciding what breed of sheep we wanted to raise, my husband Jason and I attended sheep shows and fiber events up and down the east coast, for years. After seeing thousands of sheep and talking to many fiber farmers, Jason and I agreed Bluefaced Leicesters were for us. Long before we bought our first sheep I was drawn to BFL fiber, now that I have my own to knit with, it’s clear we made a great choice. On a whim we added two natural colored Romney ewes to our flock in the beginning. When the Romneys were bred to our BFL ram the lambs that came soon after amazed me with their long, dense, and soft fleeces. Recently the fiber from our fall shearing has returned from the mill where we had it spun into a worsted weight yarn.  Two of these yarns are 100% BFL, in colors Mint and Lilac Heather, each 4 oz. skein (210 yards) is $24.00.  We also have our BFL/Romney blend in a lovely natural brown, 4 oz. skeins (210 yards) for $23.00.  All our yarn will be added to our Etsy shop shortly. If you’re in a super big hurry to start knitting right away, please email me to order:

Bluefaced Leicesters Madelyn and her daughter Dottie, the day they arrived at the farm from Virginia.


"Lilac Heather" & "Mint" BFL and "Natural Brown" BFL/Romney


Top-Down Shoulder Warmer, designed by Laura Chau and knit in our BFL "Mint". Knit and modeled by my adorable friend Nathalie.


Dovetail Cowl, designed by Carina Spencer. Knit by me, for me, this cowl is going to get lots of wear. BFL is cozy and soft, making it perfect for close to the skin garments.