On a recent morning while walking to let the sheep out to graze, I felt charmed by the path they’d made. When I was young our dairy farm was covered with cow paths.  One of my favorite past times was to follow those trails through the pastures and woods on the back of my horse.  I loved that the cows had their own route to travel around the farm. I always appreciated that they’d made my life a whole lot easier and perfered to follow their well worn trail than blaze my own. Now our sheep are wearing their own paths. The sheep don’t always walk single file but they do often enough for me to still find it remarkably orderly of them. They remind me of a group of kindergarteners moving towards their classroom, or the bus home. I’ll have pay closer attention to see if they take turns being the leader. This is probably unlikely because Georgia (our donkey, boss of all things sheep) can be counted on to mix things up depending on her mood. Happy trails (or paths) to you !  Jen

Exploring Wild Mushroom Dyes of the Northeast with Allisa Allen

Over the years I’ve become fascinated with naturally dyed yarns. I find myself whizzing past yarns dyed with chemicals at fiber fests and making a bee line to the sellers who offer plant dyed yarns. The obvious reason of being gentle to our planet aside, I’ve found I simply look better in garments dyed naturally. I’m drawn to the subtle shades and slight variation and want to learn to create that with my own yarns. When my research brought me to Allisa Allen’s website I knew immediately that I wanted to host a workshop and was thrilled when she agreed. I know absolutely nothing about foraging but am super excited to learn after seeing the amazing colors wild mushrooms have to offer. We’re co-hosting with Hopkins Vineyard because they have a great space for such an event and are conveniently located right next door to the farm. I hope you’ll join us, I can’t think of a better way to spend the first day of summer!

If you’d like to hang out afterwards and visit the sheep you’re more than welcome. I’ll also have our Bluefaced Leicester and Romney yarns for sale in my new “knitting lounge” (it needs a name) for anyone who wants to come by.

Check out Alissa’s website for more inspiration and information.

Register here at the Hopkins Vineyard event page.

All the best, Jen



Our beautiful BFL ram Bennett is for sale. Please see our craigslist ad for details. Thanks!




Wishing fall would arrive….pronto!

because I have a poncho to wear. I finished the Easy Fold Poncho in May, just in time to be a gift to myself for Mother’s day. The pattern is simple and perfect, just the right thing for when you need an uncomplicated knit….or perfect for a beginner. The yarn, what can I say about the yarn, it’s perfection. This BFL/Romney blend is one of my all time favorites and natural gray is my color. I’m dying for the weather to turn colder, I promise as soon as it does, this poncho and I will not be separated. For more pictures and info see my project on Ravelry. A special thank you to the model, my beautiful niece Paloma….Thanks love!

Happy Knitting!  Jen


Stunning swatch!

This amazing swatch was knit from some our new yarn by local designer Sarah Hood. Sarah and I have been working together on ideas for hand knit “farm” patterns. The first to be released (soon!) will be a lovely vest that was designed with our new worsted weight wool yarn in mind. All the new yarn is ridiculously exciting…..however…. it’s arrival coincides with our busy time at the B&B. I’m doing my best to get it photographed and in our shop as well as test knit the vest pattern….but I’m only one woman (this is a hard concept for me ;-) .  I keep reminding myself that I have a long winter ahead to knit but somehow when you have piles of new yarn in front of you it’s little comfort. I know you’re going to love this yarn as much as I do. Thank you Sarah, for the stunning swatch and your enthusiasm for our farm and yarn! All the best, Jen