Lambing season poncho

Often a simple knitting project is exactly what I need, and all I can handle, during lambing season it’s a necessity. Waiting for lambs often mean interrupted sleep and long days. My mind is never at it’s best when I’m sleep deprived…..who’s is? Recently I was working on what I thought was a simple vest only to find out I couldn’t manage the collar without making mistakes that I’d wouldn’t normally have made with enough sleep. After ripping out the collar 4 times I decided I needed a ridiculously simple pattern. I figured nothing could be less taxing on my tired mind than a poncho made from a giant stockinet stitch rectangle, so I chose this pattern from Churchmouse Yarns & teas.  Nobody does beautifully simple like Churchmouse, I’m a big fan. I picked the natural soft gray of our Bluefaced Leicester/Romney yarn and got started on a swatch. I love knitting with this yarn, it’s going to be the perfect weight for a spring poncho.

Stay tuned for poncho progress and a lamb report. Happy knitting!  Jen


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