Beautiful Bluefaced Leicesters!

The Sachem Farm has a long history of raising livestock as well as crops. There is some mention in family papers of sheep being here, but sadly no pictures. I’d be very interested to know what sheep breeds our ancestors raised, likely it would have been a meat or dual purpose breed. I doubt it was the beautiful BFL. When deciding what breed of sheep we wanted to raise, my husband Jason and I attended sheep shows and fiber events up and down the east coast, for years. After seeing thousands of sheep and talking to many fiber farmers, Jason and I agreed Bluefaced Leicesters were for us. Long before we bought our first sheep I was drawn to BFL fiber, now that I have my own to knit with, it’s clear we made a great choice. On a whim we added two natural colored Romney ewes to our flock in the beginning. When the Romneys were bred to our BFL ram the lambs that came soon after amazed me with their long, dense, and soft fleeces. Recently the fiber from our fall shearing has returned from the mill where we had it spun into a worsted weight yarn.  Two of these yarns are 100% BFL, in colors Mint and Lilac Heather, each 4 oz. skein (210 yards) is $24.00.  We also have our BFL/Romney blend in a lovely natural brown, 4 oz. skeins (210 yards) for $23.00.  All our yarn will be added to our Etsy shop shortly. If you’re in a super big hurry to start knitting right away, please email me to order:

Bluefaced Leicesters Madelyn and her daughter Dottie, the day they arrived at the farm from Virginia.


"Lilac Heather" & "Mint" BFL and "Natural Brown" BFL/Romney


Top-Down Shoulder Warmer, designed by Laura Chau and knit in our BFL "Mint". Knit and modeled by my adorable friend Nathalie.


Dovetail Cowl, designed by Carina Spencer. Knit by me, for me, this cowl is going to get lots of wear. BFL is cozy and soft, making it perfect for close to the skin garments.




5 Responses to “Beautiful Bluefaced Leicesters!”

  1. Kymm Missick says:

    I LOVE that cowl! I need Kelsey to make one for me. We hope to have a few sheep here by next year, but I don’t think Florida breeds can match the lovely yarns you get in New England.

    • Jennifer says:

      Sheep! That’s so exciting! Of the breeds that are heat tolerant, I really love the Tunis. Good luck, I can’t wait to see sheep at your place :-)

  2. Hilary says:

    Jen – I love cowl too! Can you make me one for my Birthday?

  3. Missy says:

    Jennifer-The cowl and shoulder warmer are beautiful! Looks like the colors were perfect for you!

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